Your CDA Wood Holiday Guide

The struggle is real out there for homeowners searching for barn wood to use in their remodeling. However, CDA Wood offers relief with a patented technology that gives the wood a coloring that looks like authentic barn wood. The products come at affordable prices with incredible durability.

Barn Doors

CDA Wood produces barn door inside a box kits, which allows you to create your barn door yourself. The company can also offers already assembled doors. Hardware is not included with either, so this can give you the option to find the style of hardware that fits your space best.

So what makes these barn doors unique?

These doors are most in-demand this holiday season since they offer unique characteristics for homeowners who want a difference. Their uniqueness comes from using the patented Xcelerated technology that makes them resemble authentic barn wood. You can learn more about Xcelerated here.

Advantages of CDA Wood Barn Doors

  • We do not use poisonous, toxic stains or harmful paints while giving them a natural appearance.
  • Assembling takes only a short time since it is a straightforward process.
  • Our prices are reasonable.
  • They possess an unmatched level of quality.

CDA Wood Accent Wall in a Box

Spice up your holiday with the versatile accent wall that gives your wall art a decorative prominence. Avoid the boredom of ordinary wallpaper that will hang reluctantly on the walls of your architectural masterpiece. The CDA Wood accent wall in a box can go into any room or ceiling in your home.

Advantages of CDA Wood Accent Wall

  • It is safe for interior use since it does not contain toxic paints.
  • The installation process is quick and easy.
  • The color and texture exude a welcoming attraction.
  • It is inexpensive.

CDA Wood Pine and Cedar Planks

Your home remodeling plans this holiday season require flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The cedar and pine planks offer precisely that – they are durable, attractive to look at, and easy to install. Besides, the prices are affordable, and you could spare some dollars for other holiday expenditures.

Advantages of CDA Wood Pine and Cedar Planks

  • They require little effort in maintenance.
  • They are suitable for both interior and exterior installations.
  • They can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions.
  • You can put them into many uses such as in ceilings, furniture, exterior siding.
  • They come in a variety of lengths.

You can purchase our products from any building supplier or home improvement shop near you. You may also contact us at CDA Wood for direction on reliable suppliers or direct purchase.