Aging New Wood to Create a Weathered and Reclaimed Look

CDA Wood’s patented process accelerates the natural aging of wood, achieving the beauty and character that would take Mother Nature decades to accomplish. CDA Wood reached this achievement by exposing the raw lumber to a specific combination of sun, soil, water and wind. The wood responds with a look that exposes its natural colors and a feel that is indistinguishable from reclaimed wood. This proprietary procedure cannot be found anywhere else on the market today.

Furthermore, CDA Wood’s breakthrough process incorporates a germicidal technology that destroys all contaminates in the wood. As a result, CDA Wood’s product represents the safest alternative to reclaimed wood, because there is no risk of being exposed to off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with lead paint or numerous other stains and treatments.



Modernizing the Reclaimed Wood Industry

CDA Wood achieves superior pricing, safety, and sourcing versus reclaimed wood, while maintaining its beauty, character and authentic feel. Although companies have attempted to duplicate the “reclaimed” look by using paints and stains, these methods increase the cost of production and the products require yearly maintenance.

Also, serious safety concerns exist regarding chemical toxins and larva infestations. Many excavators of reclaimed wood have no way of verifying what the wood might have been treated with over its lifetime. As a result, the real potential exists for harmful health effects from off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with lead paint or numerous other stains and treatments that may have been used on the wood.

Beyond the financial uncertainty and safety concerns, reclaimed wood can be difficult to incorporate into new and existing construction. Uniformity in size and color might be impossible to source in sufficient quantities, and many pieces have metal incursions that need to be removed, resulting in further costs.

Xcelerated avoids all of these problems. It provides a safe, economical and practical solution to meet the demands of buyers looking to incorporate the traditional character and beauty of natural wood into their everyday spaces. Other companies have attempted to duplicate the ‘reclaimed’ look by using paints and stains, but these methods increase the costs of production, require yearly maintenance and merely mimic a façade without providing its authenticity.



  • The Look of Reclaimed
  • Strength of New Wood
  • Authentic Character and Beauty of Reclaimed Wood
  • Highly Desired Aged & Weathered Look at an Affordable Price
  • Environmentally Friendly, No Paints or Stains
  • Perfect for Outdoor Siding & Trim
  • Safe for All Interior Applications (Accent Walls, Ceilings etc.)
  • Truly an Unmatched Value
  • Nature’s Natural Colors
  • VOC Free Process
  • Little To No Maintenance
  • Resistant to Rot, Decay & Insect Attacks

Reclaimed wood has been the “it” product for a number of years, but many designers and contractors are coming to realize its drawbacks far outweigh its benefits. In response to this problem, Xcelerated quite literally offers all of the best characteristics of reclaimed wood without any of its major obstacles. Using a patented process to accelerate the aging of wood, CDA Wood’s technology transforms raw lumber into unique pieces that don’t require the lengthy process of sourcing, securing, excavating, cleaning, organizing, classifying and cataloging.

Some of the affinity for reclaimed wood comes from its scarcity, but once that romanticized notion fades away, the dollars and cents just don’t add up. Numerous factors make the economics to produce reclaimed wood difficult to determine, leading to substantial budget overages. What’s more, in most cases, the insignificant recovery of exploitable reclaimed wood from the raw material does not justify the cost of such a disappointing result.


Xcelerated vs. Reclaimed vs. Paint/Stains

What’s the difference? Xcelerated’s line of products achieve their character and appearance through a patented process that surpasses reclaimed wood and/or replicated imitations in every quality metric used in the industry today.