Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a specialty softwood that is distinctly different from other cedars in its color, strength and hardness. Its yellow color, extreme strength and dimensional stability have made Alaskan Yellow Cedar a favorite for both interior and exterior applications, including outdoor siding.

Traditionally, Western Red Cedar has been commonly used because it can hold paints and stains better than Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Fortunately, the Xcelerated product-line of wood does not use paints or stains, while being VOC-Free. CDA Wood’s proprietary process creates beautiful colors on the wood without adding any toxic chemicals. Plus, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is more readily available than Western Red Cedar making it a more economic choice.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar offers these unique benefits:

  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar is fine textured and has a straight grain.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar is notable for its durability and longevity.
  • It is naturally resistant to rot, decay, insect damage and, in saltwater applications, to marine borers.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar is considerably harder than most commercially available softwoods.
  • It resists splitting and slivering, and it is highly resistant to wear.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar is structurally stable. Warp, cup, twist and shrinkage are minimal.
  • It is easy to cut, rip, mill and sand with regular woodworking tools.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar contains no pitch or resins.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar is an excellent choice for exterior decks and other outdoor projects.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar has beauty and elegance that will last for years.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis)

  • COMMON NAMES: Alaskan yellow cedar, Alaskan cedar, yellow cedar
  • DENSITY:  31 lbs./cu.ft.
  • DURABILITY: Very good
  • SOURCE: Alaskan yellow cedar grows on the Pacific Coast of North America from Alaska to southern Oregon
  • DESCRIPTION:  Alaskan yellow cedar is pale yellow in color. Strong odor when freshly cut, becoming faint upon drying. Stable, moderately strong for a softwood species, stiff for its weight. Works easily, taking a good finish with hand and machine tools. Due to its strong decay resistance, it is well suited to the manufacture of boats, oars and paddles. Burl wood is rare and strikingly lustrous, with tight burl figure.



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  • Product is reversible, vertical band sawn on 1 side circle sawn texture on the other
  • Perfect for accent walls and other projects around the house or office
  • Warms up a room with this wood siding
  • Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical application
  • Butter smooth moulder finish requires no sanding
  • Dimensional stability, minimal tendency to warp, shrinks, swell, cup or twist
  • Excellent workability, light weight, easy to nail, saw, trim or cut
  • Interior or exterior use