Why Your Wood Needs to be CDA Wood

Whether they are decorative pieces or functional necessities, the chances are that many of the loved items in your home are composed of wood. But, have you ever considered the type, quality, or safety of the wood that is used in your home or office? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

CDA Wood is an all-natural, reclaimed wood alternative that is given its character by being exposed to a unique combination of sun, soil, wind, and water that Mother Nature herself would be proud of. Compared to reclaimed wood, or paints and stains, CDA Wood goes above and beyond the call of duty:

  • The look of reclaimed wood with the durability of new wood. Get that rustic, weathered, and aged look in any size or shade.
  • Many texture options.
  • Consistent sizes and defect-free.
  • 100% safe for indoor applications and great for any outdoor environment.
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC)-free and environmentally friendly; there are no paints or stains involved in the process.
  • No maintenance required indoors; minimal upkeep required outdoors.
  • No need to worry about insects, rot, or decay.

Did we mention that not only is it preferred by many professionals, but CDA wood is also extremely affordable?

It is the most cost-efficient, natural alternative to reclaimed wood. You get all the beauty of reclaimed wood with a lower cost and a safer, more durable material.

Have peace of mind in regard to the safety of your family and team while maintaining the interior and exterior credibility of your home or office that your neighbors are sure to be envious of; all while saving a little extra to start on your next home or commercial improvement project.