Why You Should Think About a Farm Table

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, families started staying in more than ever before; interior designers agreed that the dining room is going to be an integral part of the home in the 2020s. Centered among the most expected dining room trends this decade is a focus on customized multifunctional pieces that are causal, yet still perfect for entertaining. The epitome of this focus? The farm table.

The Farm Table Trend

While design trends change year to year and decade to decade, the farm table has remained timeless, a design staple that gives any kitchen or dining room the perfect rustic touch. In our minimalist era, which focuses on multifunctional pieces, the farm table is ideal. It exists for daily meals and activities, yet dresses up beautifully for a dinner party or special occasion. As our world focuses on environmentalism, the farm table allows a dining space to maintain an indoor connection with the natural world, especially when accompanied by a statement houseplant and an earthy accent color. Environmentalism, however, does not end with appearance; the materials of the table itself are what matters most when choosing your farm table.

CDA Wood is the Best Material for Your Farm Table

To achieve the reclaimed wood from which most farm tables are built, harmful stains and treatments are often used. These treatments can cause off-gassing of volatile organic compounds, bringing contaminants into your home, and onto the surface where you eat your food. This is why the best material for your farm table is CDA wood.

CDA wood speeds up the natural aging process of wood using natural elements like sun, soil, water, and wind. This process is combined with a germicidal technology, successfully removing all contaminants from the wood that might be harmful to bring into your home. The result is an authentically reclaimed look and feel, achieved through a sustainable process that ensures the wood, and your new farm table, is exceptionally safe for you and your family.

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