Why Wood Accents Are the Next Big Thing in Vacation Homes & Airbnbs

Wood accents have always been a popular option when designing beautiful homes – and for good reason. The inherent quality and durability built into natural wood items, the versatility they offer through the application of different staining colors and techniques, and of course, their fabulous natural beauty make wood accents an obvious choice for any home. 

Where to Use Wood Accents 

Wood flooring has been popular for decades. Now, home remodelers have also become aware that wood can become a great accent component for many rooms in the home. Wood accent walls look fantastic in a variety of different spaces, including:

  • Living areas.
  • Kitchens.
  • Master bedrooms.
  • Formal dining rooms.

Wooden barn doors have also become wildly popular in recent years, providing both fabulous visual appeal in addition to privacy. Barn doors are a great option for bathrooms, dining rooms, and home offices. Essentially anywhere homeowners want to add natural color and texture to finish a room.

Why Vacation Homes and Airbnbs?

People rent vacation homes and Airbnbs in order to get away from the everyday stresses and strains in their life. Even if it’s only for a short period of time. Vacationers look for a place where they can relax and unwind. For many people, the ideal option will include spaces that center around natural elements. Whether people realize it consciously or subconsciously, spending time surrounded by natural elements such as the rich texture and natural beauty found in wood accents evokes feelings of relaxation and comfort. 

Anyone who wants to attract rental clients to their vacation home or Airbnb is smart to include plenty of natural elements and textures to the accents they install within the home. Photos of vacation homes with rooms that boast wooden beams, barn doors, a wooden mantel over a relaxing fireplace, and/or wood flooring are always high on the “favorite” list of potential renters.