Why Go for Xcelerated Wood Rather than Stained and Painted Wood

When furnishing your home or making furniture pieces with a rustic feel, you are often torn between painting/staining your wood and going for Xcelerated wood. Xcelerated is the emerging technology that gives new wood a rustic, claimed wood appearance while ensuring safety, strength, and aesthetic feel.

Here is a quick look at the Xcelerated advantage over painted and stained wood.

What is Xcelerated Wood?

Xcelerated wood has a highly desired, aged barn wood appearance. The aged and weathered look has a specific shade. This is different from painted/stained wood that has monotone colors that do not look authentic.

Painted wood requires a credible builder to handle painted wood in time or risk degradation. However, Xcelerated wood is made to order from natural lumber that is naturally aged through a proprietary weathering process. You can also choose from various texture options: circular and vertical band saw.

Xcelerated wood does not contain any synthetic paints or stains. It is VOC-free wood and safe for use in closed spaces. On the other hand, paints and stains have various contaminants, which may be released into the atmosphere with time. These contaminants may cause a variety of ailments and reactions.

Finally, Xcelerated wood requires limited to no maintenance. This product is extremely robust and durable. For painted or stained wood, you may need to repaint every few years to retain its quality. This is because it is prone to chipping and fading.

Xcelerated wood is green, meaning that it is made through processes that take care of the environment and prevent degradation. The sourcing of the wood and weathering process does not release any harmful substances to the surroundings. Whereas paints and stains will have VOCs.

If looking for an authentic rustic look and feel of wood, consider Xcelerated wood over painted and stained wood. It has the above advantages and many more to ensure safe, durable, and aesthetically appealing wood.