What’s the Big Deal About VOCs?

What Are VOCs and Why Should I Be Concerned?

If you’re not familiar with the term “VOCs,” it stands for “volatile organic compounds.” These compounds are toxic gases emitted by manufacturing processes or directly from products. They’re dangerous because some contain carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), some pose their own specific health hazards, and others can combine with other gases to make harmful air pollutants. In industries such as construction and interior design, it’s essential to understand the effects of VOCs and minimize contact with them.

Some Common Sources of VOCs

A few VOCs that you may already be familiar with are toluene and benzene (substances occurring naturally in crude oil and used as solvents in paints, plastics, and cleaning products) and formaldehyde (a colorless, toxic gas used in preservation, disinfecting, and manufacturing). VOCs abound in building materials such as adhesives, caulk, sealants, paint, varnishes, and flooring products. In your home, VOCs are commonly present in furniture, household cleaners, air fresheners, deodorants, and cigarette smoke. Volatile organic compounds are also abundant outdoors in petroleum processing, diesel emissions, gasoline, waste from industrial plants, and even from burning wood.

Explore the Benefits of Naturally Aged Wood

Obtaining wood with a weathered look that hasn’t been treated or painted is challenging. It takes Mother Nature decades to create what painting or staining accomplishes in a matter of hours — but at the price of contact with harmful chemicals. CDA Wood’s patented Xcelerated procedure works by exposing wood to a combination of outdoor elements to accelerate the natural aging process. The result is a beautiful, reclaimed appearance with no VOCs. CDA Wood doesn’t use paints, stains, varnishes, or solvents of any kind. Not only is this immensely safer for the consumer, but wood prepared through this method doesn’t require the same yearly upkeep needed for painted or stained boards.

Another benefit of the Xcelerated process is that all lumber undergoes a thorough germicidal treatment that destroys all microbes and contaminants. This keeps contractors and homeowners safe from naturally occurring hazards such as bacteria and other microorganisms.

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