The Best Ways to Use Your Primary Tool, Wood, in Your Projects

Natural wood can add character, style, and class to your home. But with so many unique textures and colors within each piece, wood can be intimidating to match. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top decorating tips for how to accentuate and coordinate with the wood pieces in house projects, so that you can make new additions with confidence:


Don’t be afraid to bring new materials that compliment your wood. All of these decorating tips carry the message that it’s okay to mix and match — no one is expecting you to go full log cabin!

Whether you’re investing in new patio furniture, shutters, or home decor, plastic is an excellent choice for decorating material. Its smooth surface will stand out against your wood without competing with it for best texture. And, because it is lightweight and inexpensive, you will have the freedom to frequently switch things out or experiment with new combinations.


Regardless of whether or not your wood is colored, most pieces have a prominent tone. One of our most fundamental decorating tips is to take a good look at your wood pieces and try to identify their underlying colors. You’ll likely identify reds, yellows, oranges, or even a bluish hue.

Once you know the palette you’re working with, you’ll be able to pick out furniture, decorations, and accent pieces that bring out these beautiful, natural colors in your wood.


Feeling really wild? A decoration technique based on juxtaposition will highlight just how unique your wood is by pairing it with pieces that are its exact opposite.

If you have rustic wood in your home, pair it with an industrial material like steel. These pops of strength and shine will add a modern twist to your home. Or, easily brighten up a space by featuring yellows or pale greens with a dark grain wood.

Feeling inspired? Bring even more wood into your home with top-quality, affordable pieces from CDA Wood. With no paints and no stains, our wood is easy to match. We’re ready to freshen up and fit in your projects.