Real Wood from a Box

CDA Wood Accent Wall in a box comes ready to install. Give any wall the beauty of aged wood. Our wood uses a patented process that mimics nature. There is no paint or other contaminants on our product, making it entirely safe for indoors. Our product is easy to install and available at an affordable price. We have distributors all across the nation and some in Canada.

From Cabin to Farmhouse

You can now have the warmth and charm of a rustic cabin or farmhouse on any home or business. Natural wood looks great on interior walls. Do the entire building or just one wall to highlight a rustic decor. Our wood makes it easy to mix or match for a truly unique custom look with the choice of different styles.

How Do They Do It?

By exposing the raw wood to controlled weather conditions, CDA Wood is transformed to bring out the natural beauty that only nature can. We also incorporate germicide into the process to make our product completely safe for indoor installation. You can learn more here.

Since the beginning of civilization, wood was the building material of choice. Many types of wood have the durability to last a lifetime. When investing in residential or business construction, using CDA wood is both affordable and practical. Our wood combines the positive traits of natural wood into a packaged product that is easy to install and cost-efficient.