New Rustic Trends in the New Decade

Bringing aspects of nature indoors and incorporating splashes of color in more neutral areas are some of the latest trends in interior design. When modern and rustic elements are combined, you can create layouts that emulate nature. As a style that helps homeowners disconnect from busy lives filled with technology, this trend is only going to get stronger in the new decade.

Rustic Meets Modern

Using barn wood accents is a way to blend rustic aesthetics with a modern decorating style. Some of our latest colors include Barnwood Red, Whitewash, and Silver Lake. CDA Wood’s Xcelerated Boards’ have a different texture on each side, giving you the option to “rough up” a space, or tone it down a bit with a smoother finish.

Bring Nature Inside

Green elements are front and center in interior design right now. Our process of accelerating the natural aging of wood creates a weathered and reclaimed look without the use of paints and stains.

Consider adding tones of terracotta, pink, or burnt orange as accent colors in neutral spaces. A terracotta rug, wall hanging, or large flower pot contrasted with a barn wood wall in medium gray makes the whole space pop.

Show Off Rustic Accents

Barn wood accent walls, shelves, or boxes make a bucolic statement against an all-white modern backdrop. For example, light or medium brown Alaskan Yellow Cedar boards can give a kitchen a farmhouse feel without becoming overbearing.

Keep It Natural

Unevenly textured walls, natural wood window frames and cabinets, and earthy countertop colors go a long way in helping a rustic space keep its wild and imperfect charm.

Whether you decide to go more modern or wish to create a classic farmhouse look in your next interior design project, CDA Wood has the natural barn wood options to bring nature inside. To top it off, every piece of board is run through a VOC-free process. For a chance for you or your company to be featured on our social media or newsletter, use #cdawood in your next social media post!