More Than Hot Cocoa: 4 Tips for a Cozy Cabin Aesthetic

It’s simple really. All you need is a cup of cocoa and a warm fire to feel like you’re in a cozy cabin in the snowy mountains… right? Sure, as long as you close your eyes! But what if you want your home to offer that cozy cabin feel even before the fire is lit and the smell of rich chocolate reaches your nose?

In general, focus, function, and uniformity create pleasant spaces, so bring that cozy-cabin vibe into these design strategies in these four ways:

Create a Rustic Focal Point

Creating a focal point is a well-known strategy of good design in any room. For a cabin, bring in anything rustic. This can be metal, wood, tin, or other natural décor, which can be quite large or small. The key is drawing the eye to the object using the arrangement of the room. Old barn wood has been successfully used as not only a focal point, but a conversation piece, with its history and beautiful wood grain. As time passes, old barns are not so easy to find, and those that are still standing have wood that has often been so compromised by nature and damaged that this art form is less accessible.

Thankfully, a quick-aging process has been implemented on newer wood at CDA Wood, so that the appearance of old barn wood is not lost. Using natural techniques, the various shades of wood are surprisingly diverse. An accent wall, or beautiful barn door, made of a variety of CDA woods would definitely make a great conversation piece while adding that cozy-cabin warmth.

Create a Space That Functions

This requires more than a simple arrangement of furniture. Consider that vertical wall under the island countertop where little feet (or big feet!) leave their marks over time. Wood is full of character already and is only enhanced as distressed wood. Cozy cabins need many other elements in order to function well, like table-tops, trim, wood shelving, handrails, stairs, and headboards. Consider using the beauty of natural wood for many of the needs of a cozy-cabin home.

Create a Uniform Home

Wood, metal, and other cabin-y materials can be extremely beautiful by themselves, but in order to make your whole home offer that cabin vibe, the design elements must complement and support each other. If you have a lovely natural wood wall in the dining area, consider tying in the appearance with a fireplace mantle made of the same wood. The natural wood warms up a space, giving it that cozy feel.

In smaller or darker areas of the home, consider using lighter colors of wood in a space that needs a little brightening up! Good lighting, including natural light from windows and interior lights, can also help brighten up the space. Add splashes of color to various rooms with ease, knowing that the wood has already unified the home with natural, timeless warmth. To draw the eyes upward while also keeping unity in a home with high ceilings, consider adding natural-wood beams. Look around the home for other places in the home to use the same tones of wood to give the whole home a unified, cozy-cabin feel.

Create Space for a Little “Rest and Relaxation”

Some R&R in a lovely cabin is good for the body and soul, but the off-gassing of chemicals in many building materials is harmful and can, unfortunately, take a toll on the body. As you decorate, use materials that are free of extra stains, paints, and chemicals. This does not mean you need to sacrifice color! CDA Wood is full of color, and with different textures and natural treatments, it also provides variety without sacrificing your health!

So grab a cup of cocoa before you snuggle up with a blanket in front of that fire, but don’t close your eyes! Admire your cozy cabin home and breathe with ease!