Modern and Sustainable Design in Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes are built with livability in mind. Recently, they added modern
conveniences combined with sustainable features. Here are five modern and sustainable design
features that capitalize on what people want inside and outside of the units.

Access to Community Gardens in Apartment Complexes

Many people are turning towards community gardens as an alternative way to get their produce,
socialize and enjoy the outdoors. By partnering with non-profits or building complexes with
plots available for apartment residents, community gardens are also creating an environmentally
friendly space.

Using Sustainable Materials

In January 2022, Northwestern University produced its second edition of, “Building Material
Selection and Use, An Environmental Guide”. It provides builders and developers with a
comprehensive overview of the materials they choose, including the impact of the carbon

footprint, reuse, recyclability, and much more. The use of such materials, indeed, grows as
weather patterns and sourcing affect current methods of building.

Rooftop Greenery for Apartment Complexes

Less ground space, more carbon emissions, and the desire to look for more ways to be energy
efficient have given rise to rooftop gardens. Whether they produce food, provide a private
sanctuary, or work as an alternative type of insulation, rooftop greenery paves the way for the
future for many urban spaces.

Alternative Energy Sources

Many apartment complexes are being built with alternative sources of energy in mind, like wind
and solar. This not only helps fight the rising cost of energy but creates a consistent power
supply for residents.

Create a Downtown Effect

Live, work, play is the model for creating an apartment community that not only houses but has
access to shopping, childcare, and medical professionals. Further, this model encourages
residents to ditch their cars and other public transportation in favor of walkable options.

Creating affordable, modern, sustainable housing starts with the foundation. With this in mind,
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