Make the Change to a New Era in Business- Starting with Public Bathroom Design

As times change, designs must be adapted to accommodate new attitudes. Our recent experience, collectively, as a society, has sharpened our expectations as we enter public spaces. Bathrooms, in particular, attract our focus. We want them to be not only sanitary and spotless, but highly attractive and welcoming, as well.  

Great public bathroom design enhances a business’s reputation. The style should fit the theme of the building, and when possible, the spirit of your business. Visitors to a casual gift shop, a book shop, a fine restaurant, a casual coffee shop or cafe, will expect different decor features for each location. Refreshing, redesigning, and personalizing your public bathroom will keep loyal customers coming, and convince new ones to return, assuring steady profits as we all reopen for business.  

Public Bathroom Design Points

Privacy, accessibility, personal safety, fire safety, proper wiring, adherence to building codes, and ease of maintenance are priorities when redesigning bathrooms. But aesthetics matter too. This would be a great time for a complete remake of your public bathroom’s appearance. But if you aren’t up for such an ambitious project, focusing on sanitation and adding attractive trim can give the space the facelift it needs to inspire customers and visitors and prompt their return.

When it comes to design, no one wants a hospital-white bathroom. Going the extra mile to create a welcoming space heightens the experience of a visit to your business. That’s where CDA Wood can offer a valuable service. Contrast your partitions and countertops with CDA’s rustic cedar wood. Show customers and employees that you value them. Make them want to return.

Contact us for your project needs. We’ll be happy to assist you in selecting the best of our lovely wood products to enhance your public bathroom design.