Long term Savings of Using CDA Wood

You can’t overlook the natural appeal of quality rustic wood in any construction. However, you need experts from CDA Wood to ensure that you enjoy long term returns. Through their modernization of the wood industry with CDA wood, you will make significant savings as discussed below.


In most cases, people prefer to utilize stained wood in flooring areas where a square foot can cost them up to $20 to $40. However, you will need to put the right maintenance measures in place to ensure it retains the look for long enough. You will need to refinish after some wear or tear and repainting due to chipping and fading. It will cost you about $600 or more for a square foot of about 100-250. On the other hand, CDA wood type doesn’t need any maintenance on the interior since it’s durable. If you decide to use it on the exterior, you will only need minimal servicing to avoid aging. 

Pest Damage

If you have a great passion for building using reclaimed wood, the first task should be to identify a reputable source. With the right professional, you can be sure that the material will be free of pests. In case you need to make any repairs on a damaged wood, it can cost up to $150 -$250, depending on the extent of the damage and the amount that needs to be repaired. CDA Wood ensures that they provide you with top-notch wood, free from insect attacks, rot, or decay. 

VOC-Exposed Wood

As other firms try to use paints and stains for better appearance of their wood, it exposes users to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In some cases, you will have to make replacements starting from $150 if it’s unbearable or buy equipment that would help eliminate VOCs. CDA Wood uses environmentally friendly technology to eliminate any contaminants in wood. Therefore, there is no VOC exposure, and you will still maintain the natural beauty within your space.

CDA wood is free from pests and VOCs. Therefore, you will make considerable savings in the long term.