Is CDA Wood Right for Your next Project?

If you take a quick look at “home decorating ideas” on Pinterest, you will see one product over and over again: reclaimed wood. You will see it on accent walls, furniture, cupboards, home exteriors, and more. This is nothing new. Reclaimed wood has been in fashion for over a decade now, and there is a strong chance it is here to stay. In fact, it has been in demand for long enough to reduce supply, spike costs, and introduce many builders to the myriad of problems that come from trying to work with reclaimed wood.

That is what makes CDA Wood such an extraordinary option for your next project. This product uses a proprietary aging process that exposes fresh lumber to a carefully calculated combination of sun, soil, water, and wind. The result is a consistent, duplicatable product that captures the rustic appeal of genuine reclaimed lumber.

CDA Wood Gives You All the Looks With None of the Hassle. Here’s How:

1. Appearance. Because CDA Wood controls the weathering and aging process, it can be created to your size specifications. With barn wood and other reclaimed options, you can only purchase what is currently available.

2. Availability and Affordability. CDA Wood is made to order, so you know it is there when you need it. This keeps supply high and costs down.

3. When you reclaim lumber, you always run the risk of mold, lead-based paints, toxic stains, insects, and insect larvae. Not only is this a hazard for customers and employees, but it can lead to unnecessary lawsuits and insurance claims. With CDA Wood, you get a fresh, clean product that is VOC-Free and Green Certified.

4. Installation Ease. The sizes of CDA Wood are consistent and reliably available, just as they are with conventional lumber. You won’t have to pay an employee to spend extra time trying to match up pieces of odd shapes and sizes.

5. Low to No Maintenance. Not only is CDA Wood safe to install on the interior of a home, but it also requires no further maintenance when you do. Exterior applications only require a small amount of effort to prevent further aging of the wood.

CDA Wood offers superior pricing, safety, and sourcing, but still provides the warm, rustic, and trendy appearance customers love in their Pinterest photos. It is an excellent alternative to reclaimed wood or wood that has been painted and stained to look like reclaimed wood. If you would like more information about using CDA Wood for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us.