Incorporate CDA Wood into Your Retail/Restaurant Interior Design

It takes seven seconds for you to make an impression on your customers, so you better make it a good one. CDA Wood is proud to help businesses revamp their storefronts or restaurants with quality wood that makes a good impression. After you have decided on the mood and atmosphere you want to be set at your business, you have a variety of ways you can incorporate wood into your interior designing plans. 

3 Ways You Can Incorporate CDA Wood

1. On Your Walls

Wooden walls and accents are in a trending uprise due to the variety of styles that will fit your brand’s identity and the mood you want to set in your building. There are many ways for your business to stand out from the competition with wood designs that add depth and character to your company’s unique building. 

Here are just 10 of 25 Wood Wall ideas from HOMEBNC:

  • Rough and Romantic Gray Stained Wood Wall
  • Wood and Wall Horizontal Stripes Fusion
  • Matte Finished Wood Wall
  • Rough and Repurposed 3-Dimensional Wood Wall
  • Contemporary and Abstracted Chevron Wood Wall
  • Multi Shaded Rough Cut Wood Wall
  • Stained Glass Effect Multi Stained Wood Wall
  • A Pop of Color Stained Wood Wall
  • Tranquil and Ethereal Roughly Stained White Wood Wall
  • Hipster Vibes Criss-Cross Wood Wall

The possibilities are endless!

Nice Branding Agency insists that “every teeny, tiny detail in a restaurant’s physical space has to be carefully crafted to influence the customer through a direct connection in the customer journey.” We suggest that if you’re using an accent wall, add your logo to the wooden wall so that it stands out from the rest of the room. 

2. Wood Exterior Siding

You put in the hard work on the inside, so don’t neglect the importance of curb appeal. The inside will encourage them to stay, but the exterior will invite them in. For a unique and beautiful exterior, cedar wood is a great option for your siding.

Natural beauty aside, wood exterior siding can also be customized to your most creative liking with the right tools and last for decades with proper care.

Suggestions for proper care to extend the lifespan of your wood exterior:

  • Design for maximum protection – Your roof should hang far enough out to protect your wood siding from rain and wind. Recommendations depend on the climate you’re in:
    • Arid climates need little to no coverage.
    • Moderate climates require 12 – 18 inches of coverage, depending on how frequent rainfall is.
    • Moist climates are recommended to have at least 24 inches.
    • Two feet is the general maximum, reserved for the worst environments.
  • Keep siding from the ground – There’s no set number, but six inches is the minimum amount of space you should keep between your wood siding and the ground.
  • Adequate drainage – Avoid designs that hold water on the surface. This means avoiding horizontal surfaces in your siding system.

3. Wooden Furniture 

FOHLIO dives into the psychology of interior design and says, “By carefully considering the design and spatial arrangements of the store, you can drive more sales.” Wooden furniture will add a beautiful aesthetic to the design of your space.

The unique character provided by wood is a great addition to restaurants and shops. From chairs to tables, a memorable customer experience begins with the aesthetic of your space. 

Our pine wood is a popular option for tabletops due to its natural rustic design.

A Few (Among Many) Benefits of Using CDA Wood

  • CDA Wood’s process sanitizes each board resulting in a safe product for your space.
  • There are two textures on each board: band sawn and circular sawn.
  • Xcelerated process – Environmentally friendly, has nature’s natural colors, great for outdoor siding and trim, perfect for all interior applications, little to no maintenance, and resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks.

With the right interior design plans, your business will influence your customer’s behavior while making a lasting impression. You can count on CDA Wood to fulfill your woodworking needs for every step of the process.