Improving Spaces – Looking Forward to 2021

A new year always brings fresh promise, and 2021 is no exception. 2021 will likely see a gradual transition back to commercial spaces, although private homes will remain a popular hub for work, recreation, and as a general living space. Rustic decor continues to be extremely popular due to its ability to add a sense of warmth to both casual and sophisticated spaces. With modern farmhouse decor as one of the most popular style trends in 2020, we will look for it to continue all throughout 2021 and beyond. Here’s what we can expect for design in 2021.

Home Spaces

In 2020, the home became the primary working/recreation/living space for many people, and that trend will likely remain strong in 2021. Many companies are discovering that remote work spaces work well for both their employees and their organization. While initially, homeowners scrambled to find a temporary space within the home to act as an office, now they are looking to create a permanent space that looks beautiful and can function well as a home office.

Spa bathrooms and restful master bedrooms are also expected to remain a trending aspect of design in 2021, as families will continue to spend most of their time at home. Of course, barn wood perfectly complements these spaces and looks amazing when used for strategic components such as:

  • Rustic ceiling beams.
  • Accent walls.
  • Single or double barn doors.  

Commercial Spaces

Businesses will likely see moderate growth in 2021, with some professionals deciding to rent or buy a commercial small office space if their own home doesn’t afford them a good space to conduct business and meet with clients. Other businesses who are working to attract customers back to public spaces may consider a remodel as a viable path for increasing customer interest and revitalizing their interior design in 2021. 

The look of reclaimed wood is a great way to add warmth and character to professional spaces, allowing business owners to offer an environment where clients and customers can feel comfortable and relaxed in a visually appealing setting.