How to Stop Strong Wood Features From Overwhelming Small Spaces

Small spaces can both be a charm and a challenge at times. When you cram all your worldly possessions, the room can feel confining and uncomfortable. Robust wood features such as furniture can overwhelm a tiny space if improperly used. This can be a great deal of discomfort. 

Therefore, today we’ll discuss some great tips you can utilize to stop robust wood features from overwhelming small spaces in your home:

1. Choose Lighter Wood (Lower the Scale)

Dealing with small spaces requires an estimated proportion. Weighty wood pieces consume a lot of space. A good example is having a sleek couch instead of an overstuffed one, saving you an extra area and offering comfortability. Lighter wood has cohesively oriented grains, minimizing the extent furniture or structures made from it can occupy.

2. Utilize the Illusion of Color

White especially gives a room the illusion of an open, calm and serene environment. You can then pair it with warming elements like carpets. You can also utilize different colors to aid in the identification of spaces available in the room. 

3. Use Proper Orientation and Size for the Furniture

Small furnishings can make a room seem compact as compared to using larger household goods. Orientation emphasizes the sense of open space. For example, tilting your shelf leaves a feeling of flow and movement in the room.

4. Utilize Streamlined Furniture

The idea of creating space is using the illusion of flow in a room. Streamlined furniture allows for the flow of light both above and beneath it. Consider leggy furniture, the likes of medieval chairs. 

5. Keep it Simple

The more the pieces in a room, the more clustered it feels. Scattering wood features or furniture across the place limits the feel of movement and cuts the flow in a room. Always consider exercising KISS (keep it stupid simple) while managing your furniture or wood fittings in the limited spacing. CDA Wood understands the struggles of managing interior spaces while getting quality wood for your furniture without jeopardizing your layout. We provide no paints, no rustic stains wood at affordable prices.