How to Keep Your Team Top Notch During the Winter Months

Although the winter months have been hailed as the “most wonderful time of the year,” they can make a slow point for your workplace. Many construction jobs are delayed in anticipation of warmer weather, and clients put off projects to celebrate the holidays. With fewer tasks and more frequent days off for the festivities, it can be easy for your team motivation to hit a rut heading into the new year. 

Fortunately, these challenges present an opportunity to reinvigorate workplace relationships and emerge stronger than ever. At CDA Wood, we know that a healthy and happy staff is crucial for delivering quality products to our customers. Here are some of our best tips for keeping office spirits up. 

Provide Cross-Training Opportunities

Giving your employees professional development opportunities is an excellent belated gift for the holiday season. Equipping your team with more skills and allowing them to explore the jobs of co-workers and senior employees will be a win-win situation. 

Some variance will be introduced into the workday, and your workers will be able to add to their skill set. You’ll reap the benefits of having greater team motivation and employees who are more capable and confident than ever before. 

Prioritize Team Building

The phrase “team building” can sometimes solicit eye-rolls, but this crucial workplace function doesn’t have to just be trust falls. Scheduling time into work hours for team members to form and build relationships is essential for a healthy office environment. 

This time could be spent in small teams, developing new project ideas. It can be fun — and you might get some fresh inspiration! 

Incentivize Team Motivation Through Workplace Participation

Everyone loves some friendly competition. In the spirit of giving, your office could host a food drive, challenging different departments to collect the most. Even placing a jar full of uncountable jellybeans — and daring employees to guess how many there are — can be a simple way to introduce more whimsy into the workplace. By adding small prizes, everyone will want to get on board, and your team motivation will benefit! 

Winter can be slow, but it’s the perfect time to set yourself up for a great year. Happy 2021 from the CDA Wood team!