How to Design Styles Around the Barndominium Trend

The latest housing trend is; wait for it; a cross between a barn and a condominium; a Barndominium! Well, it isn’t a dad’s joke, but the dream living space for country and “fixer-upper” style fans. Barns with living quarters are not a new concept but the latest trend sweeping the nation. These rustic, original structures are charming to look at and also have a host of benefits, such as:

  • Have a high ROI when rented out as an Airbnb or a rented apartment.
  • They are very energy-efficient.
  • Requires little to no exterior management.
  • They are affordable and easy to build.

Barndominiums all have the same style and look, but you can make the space yours with a few variations and customized interior design. When designing your own Barndominium home, you should incorporate natural wood from CDA Wood. Artificial/composite wood will not give off the authentic rustic look you’re going for. Below are some key elements and barn accessories that you should consider in your building:

  • Barn Doors- this is one of the key elements that bring together that Barndominium look. Would you have a barn without barn doors? CDA Wood’s rustic barn doors have been aged by Mother Nature and have no paint and stains. It is the perfect rustic element for your Barndominium home.
  • Extra Windows/Double Dormers- barns tend to be dark, so you should consider extra windows to bring in the natural light. Double Dormers would be perfect in this case since they will add to that authentic, rustic flair to your home.

You can use wood such as pine from CDA Wood when building your windows. Their aged and weathered look requires little to no maintenance and is perfect for windows.

  • Cupola- having a cupola on your roof is like the icing on a cake. It brings the whole rustic look together. Pine from CDA Wood will be the suitable material for this build.

As a fan of the rustic style, you’re interested in green buildings. CDA Wood’s Xcelerated line of wood products will be ideal for your project. They have no paints, stains, or toxic chemicals, and the VOC-free process they go through leaves them with a beautiful, aged, and weathered look ideal for a rustic project.