How to Bring Sustainability Into a Home Remodel

One of the great aspects of a home remodel project is that by remodeling rather than building a new home, the homeowners have already taken their first step toward sustainability. This means they’re already off to a great start.

Sustainability often involves finding ways to repurpose and refresh certain items rather than replacing them. Yet in other instances, replacement of non-efficient items with models that incorporate newer, more efficient technologies is the way to go. Lastly, supporting sustainability often means investing in natural products rather than buying man-made products that invariably involve wasting resources in their production process.

Use What You Have for Your Home Remodel

Whether you plan your home remodel on your own or seek the assistance of a designer, it’s always great to re-envision and repurpose items both in and outside the home. Repurposed window shutters can become an interesting piece of artwork for a hallway or act as a headboard for a bed. Other items that can be repurposed include:

  • Lighting fixture components.
  • Furniture pieces.   
  • Molding.
  • Cabinetry.

When to Buy New Items

Manufacturers have come a long way in recent years and now make many products that are much more energy-efficient. A remodeling project is the ideal time to take advantage of advancements in technology and replace outdated, wasteful items.

The following are all great choices to add to a home remodel project. Each of them are far more likely to conserve rather than waste natural resources.

  • High-efficiency insulation and windows.
  • Energy-efficient appliances.
  • On-demand water heaters.
  • Solar technologies.

Natural Products & Sustainability

Although it may initially sound counter-productive, in many instances, it’s better to invest in natural products rather than purchase man-made items. Select natural materials, such as our own CDA wood (aged in-house and VOC free). Or even incorporate collected rainwater into a plumbing system. These options can be better for the environment than choosing products that waste natural resources and/or off-gas toxins or other harsh chemicals.