How to Achieve a More Natural Style in your Bedroom

Since bedrooms are private, it can be easy to neglect their overall design. However, being where you spend time relaxing, refreshing, regenerating, reflecting (really all the positive “re-words”), it’s worth putting in some effort to make it the perfect place to retreat after a long day of work. Creating a more natural style in your bedroom can create a sense of calmness, peace, and relaxation, not to mention, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Let In Natural Light

One of the cheapest and easiest natural elements that you can add to your bedroom is just outside your window. Natural light can make your room feel fresh, cheerful, bright, and warm. So, open those blinds, shutters, and drapes during the day, or invest in sheers or soft cotton panel curtains to let the sun in.

Incorporate Imperfect Items

Items full of imperfections create a much more natural style than their perfectly uniform or even counterparts. From handmade items like imperfect ceramics to vintage and antique furniture, and even functional and decorative items collected over time, incorporating these items into your bedroom can make it look more natural.

Choose a Natural Color Palette

Paint dictates the overall ambiance of a space and can completely change up the look and feel of your bedroom. If it’s a natural style you’re aiming for, consider a soft color palette since it gives a more calm and serene feel. Fresh pinks, gorgeous mint greens, gentle hues of lavender, and beautiful baby blues are brilliant choices.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Last but not least, use natural materials in your bedroom for flooring, furniture, and even statement décor pieces. This includes things like natural stone, natural woven textiles, and wood. The latter is the most impactful because it’s classic, steadfast, comes in a variety of finishes and applications, and adds just enough warmth to make your bedroom look and feel cozy without being too fussy.

At CDA Wood, we can help you create that rustic wood look in your bedroom at an affordable price. With our patented Xcelerated process, we make new timber look like barn wood without using paints or stains, meaning no harmful fumes in your bedroom.