Housing Environment After the Coronavirus

It is obvious that life after the Coronavirus passes will be different from the life we lived prior to COVID-19. There are many things that we never thought twice about, and many things that have been taken for granted that have now come to light. The question is how will life be different, and how will we adjust accordingly? Many things in our everyday lives will change. People will appreciate the outdoors more after being in quarantine for so long. Families will cherish time together more than ever and will begin to want more personal space from other families.

How does this affect our homes?

  • With families potentially wanting more personal space, they will want more distance from the next family over. With that being said, people will lean more towards single-family homes rather than apartments. Also, having an outdoor living space is beneficial when under quarantine. Those who may live in an apartment or townhome and do not have a patio, backyard, or outdoor space, will most likely desire this with their next home purchase.
  • While people are at home, they are working on home improvement projects, making their quarantine space more desirable and cozy. They now have all of these design ideas and are eager to make their visions come to life.
  • Home offices will now be looked at as necessary. During this pandemic and working from home, people are realizing how important it is to have a designated office space. Those who do not currently have one may desire one in the future out of fear of this happening again.
  • Are the surfaces in the home attracting, repelling, or killing microbes, and bacteria? We have to think about sanitation on a whole new level. CDA Wood kills all microbes, germs, and bacteria and is a key item to home improvement projects.

Designers, architects, contractors, and many other people in the home business need to begin to plan for how the aftermath of this pandemic will affect home projects in the near future. No matter what the project is, your clients will want to know that you have their best interests in mind.