Green Office Designs: The Future of the Workplace

Over the years, conventional office space has evolved from solid-walled offices to open spaces. With the pandemic, most businesses are questioning what the best set-up is for their team. Traditional cubicles and a space with many walls have been shown to not be conducive to the productivity of a team. Currently, environmentally savvy companies are incorporating green office designs.

Ideas for Green Office Designs

Creating a greener, sustainable office space that’s multi-functional and comfortable to work in needs a bit of creativity. Below are some easy-to-implement ideas.

Vertical Wall Garden

Vertical gardening is gaining popularity as an interior design concept for green spaces. There are a variety of wall planters that you can incorporate into your office space. This idea is great for those with smaller spaces. You can utilize every inch of your office by strategically placing these vertical gardens as barriers between communal space and individual desks.

Potted Plants

You can place a few ornamental plants in strategic places around the office space. Why not go further and put a few small pots of bonsai at every desk? In addition to the aesthetic qualities, you will get better fresh air circulation.

Hanging Planters

If you have limited office space, then hanging planters are a fantastic solution. It’s a great way to incorporate plants around the office while maximizing small spaces.

CDA Wood

Stand out from the rest of your competitors by offering an eye-catching and inviting office space to both your staff and clients. Choose CDA Wood, a VOC-free product that is the perfect green product. Our accent wall in a box is real wood that is easy to install. Learn more from our video here.

Benefits of Green Office Designs

Aside from reducing the carbon footprint and bringing nature indoors, green office spaces have myriad benefits, such as:

  • Mental well-being: Green design elements encourage natural light and clean air. It makes it healthier for the ones utilizing the office space.
  • Increased productivity: By promoting a cleaner environment, productivity will increase since employees will be in the right frame of mind. Hence, their problem-solving and decision-making abilities will be heightened.
  • Comfort: Green office spaces are aesthetically pleasing, leading to increased comfort. When employees are comfortable, they will be less irritable and distracted; therefore, they will maintain focus and produce better results.

Green offices are gaining traction and are a better alternative to conventional spaces. If you’re considering joining the green movement, incorporating CDA Wood in your construction will benefit you. CDA Wood’s line of wood products is non-toxic and VOC-free. Besides having beautiful colors, the wood products do not emit pollutants and contaminants, thus making them the ideal materials to incorporate in your green office designs.