Creating the New Generation Workforce You Want to See

As a new generation enters the workforce, it is the responsibility of industry leaders and professionals to put their best foot forward in helping to shape young professionals who will be successful in their chosen careers. As members of the young workforce begin to learn about potential professions and start to find their individual passions, experienced members of various industries can help them find their foothold.

Get Involved

Reach out to your local high school, community college, or university to find out about work-study programs, guest speaker opportunities, and other educational experiences that you can offer to budding professionals. With the number of students who maintain part-time jobs while attending school growing, offering part-time employment to young individuals interested in your industry is a great way to provide valuable experience to students.  In addition, it allows you to access potential up-and-coming talent and develop future employees that will be a strong asset to your company or organization. Statistics show that 35% of high school students enter the workforce immediately following high school, which means that hiring a capable student on a part-time basis can quickly lead to the hire of a committed, passionate full-time employee.

Vocational schools, community colleges, and universities are all great resources for recruiting strong talent. Offering to give a presentation on your profession and its available opportunities is a great way to make connections with students interested in your industry. You can also discuss career goals and options with them on a personal level. Talent is the most valuable resource at your fingertips to ensure the growth of your industry, and getting involved with the young workforce earlier can help them to see the benefits yours has to offer.

Offer Paid Internships

While volunteering time and resources to local educational avenues can be beneficial, recruiting local young professionals by offering paid internships is one of the best recruiting tools you can have in your arsenal. Not only do paid internships make interns feel more engaged in your company and a part of the process, but it also gives you the opportunity to see how they fit into your company’s culture and workflow to determine if they could be a good fit long-term. Internships can serve as a trial run for both intern and employee for long-term employment, but can also still be mutually beneficial on a short-term basis. Interns gain valuable experience in a field they are interested in, and your company can benefit from their efforts, ideas, and input while they are a part of the team.

Even if an internship does not morph into a permanent job offer, conducting exit interviews with interns can be a valuable way to gain insight of how your company’s culture resonates with the up and coming generation of workers, and help determine what changes can be made to make it an attractive landing place for young talent.

Continue Your Own Education To Further Share Knowledge

As we spend more and more years in our respective jobs, it can be easy to forget how beneficial our ongoing education can be. As the world changes, so do our industries and what we need to do to adapt to an ever-changing professional environment. There are hundreds of companies in the marketplace that now offer free continuing education courses that can be completed online, meaning that you can continue to advance your skill-set and knowledge without breaking the bank, and without spending excessive amounts of your valuable time traveling to participate.

By continuing your education and remaining up to date with your industry’s latest trends, you are better able to pass on productive and worthwhile knowledge to the young professionals you engage with. Knowledge is made to be shared, and it is the most important way to ensure that the young workforce is capable, competent, and strong.

Don’t wait to get involved. Take these steps to start doing your part today to begin influencing our next generation of professionals, all while improving the strength of your company through strong relationship development and top-notch recruitment.