Creating Patterns with Wood Accents – How to Make Spaces More Appealing

Wood accent pieces are known for their rich texture and beautiful color. They add an inviting sense of warmth and comfort to just about any room in the home. While the pieces are strikingly beautiful even when arranged simply, it’s also possible to add even more visual interest by arranging your wood accent walls in a pattern.

When deciding how to add wood accents to a home’s design, it’s also a good idea to consider whether arranging the wood accent pieces in a particular pattern can add even more style to a room.

Vertical Pattern

A subtle trick designers use is to arrange wood accent pieces vertically. Do this either on one feature wall or on multiple wood accent walls in a room. By arranging the pieces vertically, it helps to draw the eye upward. In turn, this helps smaller spaces feel larger. 

Sometimes, a room’s layout seems like a natural candidate for a horizontal layout, yet it’s possible to jazz up the space by using a vertical layout instead. It’s also possible to use a 50/50 pattern; half of the wall is covered in a vertical pattern and the other half employs a horizontal pattern. 


A horizontal pattern is a great option for narrow spaces as it helps these areas feel wider. As with a vertical layout, it is also possible to jazz up an area by arranging wood accent pieces in a 50/50 pattern. Half could be arranged horizontally and the other half uses a diagonal pattern, for example.

Herringbone Pattern  

The herringbone pattern has become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. It’s an interesting pattern and can add another layer of texture and visual interest to a room without being overpowering. In the right setting, wood accent walls look spectacular when the pieces are arranged in a herringbone pattern.


The Chevron pattern is another interesting pattern and is currently very popular as well. The pattern is a bit bolder than the classic herringbone pattern but looks amazing when arranged on a feature wall. 

This image taken from Pinterest. If you did a CDA Wood accent wall in a Chevron style, feel free to send image to for your chance to be featured on our social media platforms.


Lastly, if you are doing a single accent wall, installing a diagonal pattern really creates an eye-catching appeal. It’s a great way to add that ‘wow factor’ as soon as you step into that room. For this, you’ll want to angle your boards at or around 45°.