All built surfaces become weathered and acquire patina, but few do in the meaningful and expressive way of aging wood. When we see the grain and color of wood, the procedure of harvesting, processing and creating a building from a once-living organism becomes explicit and tangible. Wood is a building material of endless opportunity and it is wood’s incomparable qualities that makes it impact on construction infinite and immeasurable.


Coeur d’Alene Wood, LLC., manufactures and offers an innovative, one-of-a-kind line of aged wood products for its distributors. CdA Wood’s revolutionary, patented process, accelerates the aging of wood, weathering the lumber to give it an authentic barnwood and reclaimed look and character. CdA Wood simply stimulates the organic maturing of the wood that naturally occurs from extended exposure to nature’s’ elements. CdA Wood achieves a unique color and exceptional aesthetic appeal on each piece of raw lumber without the use of paints, stains or other contaminants. The Xcelerated product line has the structural integrity for outdoor siding and trim and is safe for indoor accent walls, ceilings and other applications. All products are manufactured in the USA.
VP Sales
Chad Warren


Until now, the traditional character and beauty of reclaimed wood could only be produced through the organic deterioration of the wood’s fiber that typically takes decades to achieve. Nevertheless, the rarity of such aged wood did not stifle the incredible demand for it. CdA Wood was born out of the fact that countless individuals want their homes and venues to have the unique character of authentic reclaimed wood. For many years, co-founder Chris Bartimioli worked with elite architects, designers, contractors and well-known Fortune 500 companies through his construction company, BC Coastal Builders. This gave Chris the motivation to develop a realistic, natural process to create an aged wood product that is contaminant free, affordable and readily available. CdA Wood’s patented process is the solution that Chris and his colleagues throughout the building industry have been looking to achieve.