Choosing the Right Wood Features for Your Small Space

Dark wood with overly emphasized grain striations can overwhelm small spaces when overused. However, this has been the go-to wood décor option for many over the decades. So many contemporary designers have opted for dark wood for interior design.

The dark wood decor will add a sense of drama and sophistication to a room, but it can take over and overwhelm a small space. Lighter woods with grain that orients cohesively with other features in your interior design will lighten up your small room. Here are ways that light wood will change your small area:

It Will Enhance Serenity

If you want your small space to feel peaceful/ serene, then lighter wood shades should be part of your decor choice. Feel free to use different elements of light wood so that you can attain visual harmony. Ensure that when installing the décor options, whether flooring or accent walls, the lines blend so that your space can seem more prominent.

Light Wood Offers the Perfect Camouflage

If you blend light wood fixtures such as floors and surfaces, then elements such as dust, scratches, and even pet hairs will be invisible. It can be a great thing if you don’t mind hiding dust. Darker woods tend to show debris and dust more prominently and can dramatically highlight minor scratches.

Light Wood Balances Perfectly Complements Color

If you love color in your space, lighter wood shades will be the perfect option. Lighter wood will visually absorb the vivid colors, toning them down, thus preventing your color choices from feeling totally out of control. It is in contrast to darker tones, which can make your colorful elements feel garish.It is good to note that sometimes, you can use the lighter wood tones as the accent. For instance, you can have a dark floor and accent it with light furniture to make your space feel balanced.