Barn Wood Design Trends to Look Out For

The barn wood trend has gained significant momentum over the past few years. The limited nature and cost of the wood add an aura of luxury and authenticity to your home decor. Top world architects, interior designers, and world-renowned furniture designers push it forward as a significant change in how people view interior designs at home.

The color of the antique wood may vary from gray to deep brown. After painting, it ages slowly and later leaves a fading and flaking of colored paints. The wood is used increasingly in various ways due to its surface contrast and perfect finishes in rooms.

Home Decor Trends with Barn Wood

There are myriad ways to apply Barnwood in homes. They are mainly used in floors, furniture, and small home decors.

  1. Flooring

Barn wood on the floors offers a rich effect in the bedroom of the living room. It will provide warmth and charm with the historic feeling you desire. When choosing your wood, make sure you select a hardwood for this. CDA Wood currently only uses softwoods.

  1. Cabinets

You can use barn wood for your cabinets in the kitchens or bathroom. It offers a distinguished appeal with stunning points of interest. These designs can be custom-made to personalize and complement the rest of the room. Cabinets can be difficult to make or install, so hiring a contractor is recommended for this.

  1. Accent Walls

It is the trendiest design for homes with an attractive focal in the living space and great for those who like to do it themselves. A whole accent wall made with barn wood offers your living space an incredibly upscale and modern style. CDA Wood even offers three different color-ways: grey mix, brown mix, and a full mix (both grey and brown). Three different color-ways to match almost any interior design style.

  1. Stairs

If you want to make a bold statement highlighting a grand entrance, use barn wood for your stairs. It brings authentic beauty and grandeur better than any other design. If you use CDA Wood, you can use the accent wall boards as stair kickers. However, for the base of the step, you should use a hardwood.