Barn Wood: A Limited and Costly Resource

The beauty and character of barn wood make it a product that’s in high demand. Yet, authentic barn wood is a limited and expensive resource. CDA Wood is an alternative to barn wood that doesn’t have those disadvantages.

Why Barn Wood Is a Limited Resource

There’s a finite number of old structures to reclaim the wood from. The supply is further limited by property owners who aren’t interested in having their barn torn down. Also, when a structure is deconstructed for reclaimed wood, some of the wood may be unsuitable for new projects due to rot, insect damage, or other defects.

Barn Wood Is Expensive to Acquire and Maintain

Typically, the cost of a plank of reclaimed wood is more than double the cost of a new plank. Yet, the law of supply and demand isn’t the only factor that drives up the cost of barn wood.

The high price of reclaimed wood also reflects overhead costs that are passed on to you or your clients. Harvesting reclaimed wood is labor-intensive and time-consuming. The work is dangerous. It takes an experienced, well-trained crew to do it safely. And the crew’s employer has to carry sufficient liability insurance.

Purchasing barn wood won’t be your only expense. Due to the wood’s aged structure, it’s costly to maintain.

CDA Wood: An Authentic Alternative to Barn Wood

CDA Wood has the unique appearance of barn wood without reclaimed wood’s issues. Here’s the story of this innovative product.

During his many years in the building industry, the co-founder of CDA Wood, Chris Bartimioli, saw the problems reclaimed wood presented. In response, he created an affordable solution, CDA Wood. His process accelerates the natural aging of wood without the use of paint or stains. The result is a beautiful, authentic wood product that’s toxin-free and VOC-free. CDA Wood can be used safely for your outdoor and indoor wood projects.

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