Align Your Marketing Efforts With Consumers’ Spending Habits this Christmas Season

The holidays are here again. The festivities bring with them good tidings and an influx of shoppers looking to spend their savings. It’s the season for giving, after all. You should ride on this wave of consumerism and revamp your marketing strategies to incorporate the seasons’ essence.

Marketing can be rewarding when done right, and with the right approach, you should have a merry time selling out your products/services this season. Here are some marketing strategies you can incorporate:

Incorporate the Season’s Essence in Your Services

You can ” Christmasize” your products/services ahead of the holiday season. You’re probably thinking of red, green, and white themes to incorporate into your marketing campaigns.

However, there are other ways in which you can bring the holiday spirit into your business. Conduct market research and find out what your consumers need this season, then leverage that knowledge to create tailored marketing strategies to entice your consumers.


Have End of Year Discounts

With Black Friday closing in, it’s time to make sales of your products/services. For instance, if you offer home remodeling services, you can incorporate a free service, like a free accent wall, with every purchase. Utilize this festive season to market your business accordingly.

Offer Coupons With Every Service/Purchase

It’s the holiday season, and people are in the mood for gifting. Your marketing strategy should incorporate aspects that embrace this festive season. For instance, you can have a; Buy One Get One Free offer on selected services/products.

Incorporate Creative Advertising

You can develop creative ways to advertise your business by having an advent calendar and, for example, having “12 days of Christmas sales” and having promotions on Christmas day. Get creative and come up with unique and engaging ways for your marketing campaign this season.

Leverage the Holiday Shopping Hitches

Every holiday season, due to an influx of spenders, problems arise due to factors such as:

  • A supply chain meltdown leads to a shortage of items like appliances.
  • Labor shortage.
  • Shipping delays.

Use this to your advantage in your advertising;- encourage people to shop locally/ get services from your company to replace the material gifts they usually seek.

You can tailor your services to include remodels and interior design ideas as gifts for your clients’ loved ones if you have a construction company.