A Minor Remodel to Refresh Your Kitchen’s Look

If you are like most people, you probably consider your home’s kitchen as one of its most important rooms. In many cases, the kitchen is where friends and family come together to eat, drink, and be merry. Over time, high-touch surfaces can become worn and what was once a fashionable look can become dated. According to an article published on Zillow.com, minor kitchen remodels netted the highest return on investment at around 80% on average with more elaborate remodels falling into the 50% range.

A minor kitchen remodel can be a satisfying do-it-yourself project that only takes a few days to complete, or it can involve professionals to complete the work in a day or two. Either way you choose to proceed, it is important to make the design one that feels right to you. While a minor kitchen remodel does not usually involve new appliances or tearing out existing walls, the decision/design phase is a good time to explore new countertop finishes, changing the paint scheme, installing new cabinet and drawer fronts, adding an accent wall, or a wood beam ceiling.

New Countertops

Countertop material choices have never been more diverse. Economical solid surface options such as Corian, higher-end stone options such as Granite or Marble, or DIY countertops like concrete and wood butcher block can all transform your kitchen’s look and feel.

Accent Wall

An accent wall can be painted a different color than the other walls in the room, or it can be surfaced in a brick or barn wood plank veneer. Generally, unless there is a family barn that needs to be demolished, barn wood is difficult and expensive to obtain. CDA Wood provides an alternative by giving new lumber an aged barn wood look using their patented Xcelerated process without using paints or stains to prevent introducing harmful fumes into your home.