4 Benefits of Using Real Wood for Your Remodeling Business

If you run a remodeling business, you will be required to make wood choices for your clients. You can go with engineered, artificial, or real wood. From experience, you know that there is a difference between these wood types, despite them looking nearly the same. We recommend that you go with natural wood for your remodeling business projects due to the following reasons.


Solid wood lasts longer in good shape compared to engineered wood. It has been proven to pass the test of time after constructing homes, bridges, and other outdoor infrastructure. Despite advancements in technology, wood remains a formidable construction material that will give you good reviews for durability.


No matter how hard you stain or paint artificial wood, real timber will always outdo it. Real wood combines a pleasing texture with natural colors and grain orientation, making it look good even without additional painting or staining.  Therefore, if you seek to impress your clients with good-looking homes, go for natural wood.

Stability and Robustness

Many structures and furniture made from artificial wood lack the strength to hold weight or stay stable with time. They are usually too light and break down with ease. Solid wood is strong and stable and can handle weights, depending on the use. This robustness also adds value to the property you are remodeling.

Ease of Customizing

When carrying out construction projects, you will need to customize wood to fit into various spaces and designs. You may run into problems when cutting, sanding, and polishing artificial wood for contemporary designs. However, you can shape natural, rustic wood to whatever design you wish for your project. Real wood is the way to go for your remodeling and renovation needs.

So, give our wood a try! CDA Wood provides no paints, no stains rustic wood at affordable prices. You can find our “accent wall in a box” at your local building supplier, or give us to call for lead times on custom orders.