3 Winning Ways to Incorporate Natural Wood Into Your Home’s Design

When looking for a beautiful and versatile design that can suit any house, interior, or exterior, wood would take it all. It adds texture, color, and a sense of warmth when applied in the right place. Natural wood finishes make every room and house look exceptionally unique and breathtaking.

For these reasons, you should always look for ways you can incorporate CDA Wood in your design. It works effectively with walls, cabins, windows, and more. Here are a few ways you can incorporate CDA Wood into your custom home.

1. For Ceilings and Walls

This is the most popular way to incorporate natural wood into your home. When used on walls, your custom home gets a modern farmhouse look exposed with wooden beams. The goal is to add a unique look to a room with an elegance that will complement your pictures and artwork. It also goes perfectly with fireplaces, where you can add wooden mantelpieces to offer a classy look. There are three different color options and each board has 2 textures to choose from. This allows you to match to whichever style you have in your space.

2. Windows and Doors

Using CDA Wood for doors and window frames is effective in complementing the look of the entire decor. A unique handcrafted wooden door makes your home stand out. It is possible to add wood in the interior room as a design feature that resonates effectively with your floor and walls. Its repurposed natural felon adds a unique taste of rustic farmhouse elements. We offer custom pre-made barn doors or barn doors in a box (hardware not included), but please note that we have a three+ months lead time for either one.

3. Kitchen

There are a variety of ways to incorporate CDA Wood into your kitchen. You can use them for cabinets and cabinet doors for a natural look. Many of our clients have used them for kitchen islands or as an accent wall behind the vent hood/stove range. Also, it is easy to find wooden accessories to have a uniform look and create a farmhouse decor in the kitchen.

Take a look around at your space and what you want to update. CDA Wood is your environmentally friendly and affordable option.