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3 Ways to Transform Your Space into a Home Gym

Are you coming out of this quarantine ready to freshen up your space? Do you have clients who are trying to design their dream home?

A home gym may be the perfect addition to your living space. Whether you want a peaceful place for your yoga mat, or plenty of A/C blasting onto exercise equipment, transforming a spare room into your health haven may be easier than you think! Here are three tips to create an at-home gym: 

1. Find Your Equipment

Stocking your gym doesn’t need to break the bank. Depending on what exercise you plan on doing, you can get all the equipment you need for a perfectly reasonable price. 

If you’re working to strengthen your stamina through cardio, a jump rope is an incredibly effective tool that makes the most of your money and your space. When you’re ready to start working your abs, an exercise mat can be secured for less than $20! 

Don’t be afraid to shop deals or buy used equipment. Remember – if you buy something that’s pretty old, you at least have evidence that it is long-lasting. We promise that you don’t need to seek out big price tags to get big muscles. 

2. Prepare Your Home Gym Space

Make sure that the space you’re moving into is ready to accommodate you. Is there a window to watch the sunrise during your morning meditation? Well-placed vents to hit you with A/C during your final rep? Outlets to help your speakers play your favorite tunes? 

None of these things are required, but we encourage you to get creative! The perfect workout starts with the perfect set-up, and you deserve the best. 

3. Decorate

This is our favorite part. Exercising can be hard, so the least you can do is make sure that your gym is fun to be in! Motivational posters and personal mantras on the walls can keep you moving when you’re ready to stop. Colorful lights can set your intensity and brighten up your day. 

Of course, the quickest way to transform a space is with an accent wall! You can exercise your right to style with CDA Wood’s Accent Wall in a Box, available at your local building supply dealer. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it’s also easy to install! That means that you’ll have no problem spicing up your gym… even before you’re capable of lifting 300 pounds. 

Working out can be a challenge, so treat yourself to a welcoming, fun space. With a thoughtfully designed set-up, your home gym can be not only where you gain muscle, but memories.